Best Places To Get Married In Georgia: Dream Venues for Your Big Day

Planning a wedding in Georgia? You’re in for a treat! The state offers a variety of stunning venues that cater to different tastes and preferences. From historic mansions to lush gardens and rustic barns, Georgia has something for every couple. Whether you’re looking for an intimate setting or a grand celebration, you’ll find the perfect spot to say “I do.”

A picturesque vineyard nestled in the rolling hills of North Georgia, with a charming gazebo and lush greenery, sets the perfect scene for a romantic wedding

When choosing the best place to get married in Georgia, consider the state’s rich history and beautiful landscapes. From the bustling city of Atlanta to charming small towns and scenic countryside, each location provides a unique backdrop for your special day.

1) Tate House / Georgia Estate Wedding & Special Events Venue

The Tate House in Georgia is a stunning venue for weddings and special events. This beautiful location offers various packages to suit different needs and budgets. One of their popular options is The Magnolia package, priced at $11,900 for 100 guests. It includes a 3.5-hour ceremony and reception, with a dinner buffet and mansion tour.

Another option is The Southern Classic package, costing $16,900 for 100 guests. It provides a 4.5-hour ceremony and reception, complete with a dinner buffet, assorted cookie and coffee bar, and a champagne toast for all guests. This package also includes an all-day bridal cottage and a 2-hour engagement shoot.

The Georgia Peach package is also available, priced at $13,900 for 100 guests. It covers a 4-hour ceremony and reception with a dinner buffet. This package includes the use of the bridal and groom’s cottages for 2 hours before the ceremony.

Rating: 4.7 (395 reviews)
Location: 61 Georgia Marble Rd, Tate, GA 30177
Contact: (770) 735-3122
Website: Visit Website

2) The Wheeler House

The Wheeler House in Ball Ground, Georgia, is a charming wedding venue with a rich history. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians, it offers a blend of southern elegance and natural beauty. The historic home adds a special touch to your wedding, making it a memorable place to say “I do.”

The venue prides itself on its southern charm and attention to detail. They offer tailored wedding packages to fit all your needs, ensuring that everything is perfect for your big day. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, The Wheeler House can accommodate various wedding styles.

Ball Ground is a quaint town filled with family-owned businesses. This enhances the unique experience of your wedding, as you and your guests can explore local dining, shopping, and more. The historic charm of the town complements the beauty of The Wheeler House, making it a top choice for couples looking to tie the knot.

Rating: 4.8 (408 reviews)
Location: 510 Gilmer Ferry Rd, Ball Ground, GA 30107
Contact: (770) 402-1686
Website: Visit Website

3) The Ruins at Kellum Valley

The Ruins at Kellum Valley is an ideal wedding venue located in the North Georgia Mountains. It’s set in a picturesque valley, offering breathtaking mountain views that create a magical backdrop for your special day. With over ten ceremony sites to choose from, you can design the wedding of your dreams.

The venue features historic stone ruins from the 19th century, providing a unique and charming outdoor setting. Imagine exchanging vows with the beautiful stone foundations and chimneys as your backdrop. Whether you prefer a luxurious event or a more laid-back affair, this venue offers a variety of options.

The Ruins at Kellum Valley also offers all-inclusive wedding packages, which means their team of experienced professionals will help you plan every detail. This makes the process stress-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying your big day without any worries.

Rating: 4.9 (67 reviews)
Location: 705 Kellum Valley Rd, Cleveland, GA 30528
Contact: (762) 244-0384
Website: Visit Website

4) The Barn at High Point Farms

The Barn at High Point Farms offers a unique and charming setting for your wedding. With the barn and beautiful farm surroundings, it provides a picturesque backdrop for your special day. From the moment you arrive, the team takes care of everything, letting you relax and enjoy every moment.

The dedicated staff, including Margie and Jill, ensures your wedding decorations and flowers are stunning. Their care and personal touches make all the difference. Guests often rave about the warm and inviting atmosphere created by the team.

This venue also provides a balance of control and support. You have the freedom to personalize your wedding, while the team handles many of the details. The venue’s treehouse offers a private and romantic retreat for the wedding night, adding an extra special touch to your experience.

Rating: 4.9 (147 reviews)
Location: 263 Parrish Ln, Flintstone, GA 30725
Contact: (423) 280-3238
Website: Visit Website

5) The Farm Rome Ga

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, The Farm Rome Ga offers a stunning setting for your special day. The European-style barn is beautifully restored with original pine and intricate wood framing. The elegant brick arches add a touch of class that makes the space truly unique.

The Farm provides several indoor and outdoor spaces for your ceremony, reception, or rehearsal dinner. Whether you want a small, intimate event or a large celebration with up to 500 guests, they can accommodate your needs. The flexibility in styles gives you the freedom to make your wedding truly yours.

You can choose from various scenic spots around the property for breathtaking photos. The peaceful surroundings and exquisite detailing create a perfect backdrop for any wedding theme, from rustic elegance to lavish glamour.

Rating: 4.7 (58 reviews)
Location: 2979 Big Texas Valley Rd NW, Rome, GA 30165
Contact: (706) 252-0497
Website: Visit Website

6) The Mackey House

Welcome to The Mackey House, a charming Southern estate just seven minutes from downtown Savannah. This venue offers 150 acres of private, lakeside land. It’s a serene setting perfect for your big day. Established in 1997 by the Mackey family, it has become a popular choice for couples across the United States.

The Mackey House can host up to 250 guests, giving you plenty of room for family and friends. With various options available, you can customize your wedding to fit your dreams. The staff is there to guide you through every step, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

From its elegant setting to its rich family history, The Mackey House provides an unforgettable backdrop for your wedding. The fair and transparent pricing for exclusive use of the estate makes it easier to plan without hidden surprises.

Rating: 4.8 (294 reviews)
Location: 190 Red Gate Farms Trail, Savannah, GA 31405
Contact: (912) 234-7404
Website: Visit Website

7) Sweet Meadow Farm and Home Place

Sweet Meadow Farm and Home Place offers a serene and memorable wedding experience. You will be surrounded by nature and the gentle sounds of the farm. With a team dedicated to making your special day stress-free, you can enjoy every moment of your celebration.

The venue includes a full property access from 9AM to 10PM. Your special day will run smoothly with the help of a dedicated Wedding Coordinator. You can also use the property for engagement photos.

Not just for weddings, Sweet Meadow Farm also hosts corporate gatherings and family reunions. The farm’s charm and elegance create an ideal atmosphere for any event.

Rating: 4.9 (69 reviews)
Location: 1115 Beech Creek Rd, Tallapoosa, GA 30176
Contact: (678) 913-3439
Website: Visit Website

8) The Corry House

The Corry House sits on a 500-acre estate filled with beautiful Georgia pines and pastures. This venue gives you a variety of options for your big day. You can choose a meadow site, a forest site, or even an air-conditioned barn for your ceremony and reception.

What sets The Corry House apart is its privacy and charm. You get a lot of space and beautiful sunsets. The house and carriage house are available for the wedding party to get ready and can accommodate eighteen guests for an overnight stay.

If you need more places to stay, there are three cabins overlooking the river. These cabins can hold twelve more guests and are perfect for out-of-towners or your bridal party.

Rating: 4.9 (51 reviews)
Location: 6641 Union Point Hwy, Union Point, GA 30669
Contact: (706) 296-1765
Website: Visit Website

9) The Wimbish House

The Wimbish House is a wedding venue in Atlanta with a rich history. This place stands out with its high ceilings, historic architectural details, and period furnishings. There are hardwood floors throughout, adding to the venue’s charm.

Formal reception rooms lead into a dining room, sun-room, and ballroom. You will find grand pianos, antique crystal chandeliers, and fireplaces in almost every room. These features create a dreamy, old-world vibe.

The spacious rooms and elegant decor make The Wimbish House perfect for weddings. It provides a beautiful, unforgettable setting for your special day.

Rating: 4.7 (242 reviews)
Location: 1150 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309
Contact: (404) 870-8833
Website: Visit Website

10) Vecoma At the Yellow River

Vecoma at the Yellow River is a fantastic outdoor wedding venue located in a beautiful forest near Stone Mountain, Gwinnett County. This place is ideal for affordable Atlanta weddings. You can also host corporate events, receptions, banquets, memorial services, and dances here.

This family-owned venue boasts over 27 years of expertise in planning amazing events. It has won more awards and five-star reviews than any other venue in Georgia. The forest setting and waterfront views make it a lovely spot for any celebration.

You can find a wide range of all-inclusive wedding packages tailored to meet your needs. Vecoma offers catering, bar packages, and a variety of other services. The reviews on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Atlanta Bridal, Facebook, and Google speak volumes about their quality.

Rating: 4.7 (385 reviews)
Location: 4400 Vecoma Ln, Snellville, GA 30039
Contact: (770) 972-6540
Website: Visit Website

Best Seasons For A Georgia Wedding

A blooming peach orchard in spring or a golden vineyard in fall make perfect settings for a Georgia wedding

Georgia offers a variety of wedding experiences throughout the year, thanks to its diverse climate and beautiful scenery. Each season brings its own unique benefits and potential challenges, helping you tailor your special day to suit your preferences.

Spring Weddings

Spring in Georgia is a popular choice for weddings. From March to May, you can expect mild temperatures and blooming flowers. It’s perfect if you envision a ceremony surrounded by vibrant floral displays. Popular locations like Callaway Gardens offer an enchanting backdrop with their lush gardens in full bloom.

One advantage of spring weddings is the temperate weather. Most days are sunny and cool, making outdoor events comfortable. However, spring can also bring occasional rain, so it’s wise to have a backup plan.

Key Points:

  • Temperature: Mild and pleasant
  • Scenery: Blooming flowers and lush greenery
  • Consideration: Potential for rain

Summer Weddings

Summer weddings in Georgia are filled with sunshine and long days. From June to August, expect warm to hot temperatures. This time of year is ideal for couples who love the summer heat and want a vibrant, sunny celebration.

Plenty of venues, like Park Tavern in Atlanta, offer both indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate the heat. Air-conditioned venues or those with shade are recommended to keep guests comfortable. Keep in mind that the summer heat can be intense, so stay hydrated and plan evening ceremonies if possible.

Key Points:

  • Temperature: Warm to hot
  • Scenery: Bright and sunny days
  • Consideration: High temperatures may require shade or indoor options

Fall Weddings

Fall is another favorite for Georgia weddings. From September to November, the weather cools down and the foliage changes color, creating stunning natural backdrops. This season offers comfortable temperatures and spectacular scenery, making it a prime time for outdoor weddings.

Vinewood, a historic plantation home, showcases beautiful autumn colors. The mild temperatures make it easy to plan outdoor ceremonies and receptions without worry. Fall also brings a lower chance of rain compared to spring.

Key Points:

  • Temperature: Cool and comfortable
  • Scenery: Changing foliage, beautiful autumn colors
  • Consideration: Lower chance of rain

Winter Weddings

Winter weddings in Georgia offer a cozy, intimate atmosphere. From December to February, you can expect cooler temperatures and a peaceful setting. Venues like Cold Creek Farm highlight the charm of winter weddings with rustic decorations and indoor options.

December is the best winter month for weddings as it offers mild weather compared to other winter months. Winter weddings also tend to be more budget-friendly due to off-season pricing. Just be prepared for cooler weather and have appropriate attire and heating arrangements.

Key Points:

  • Temperature: Cool to mild
  • Scenery: Cozy, peaceful setting
  • Consideration: Off-season pricing, potential need for heating solutions

In summary, each season in Georgia offers its own unique features and benefits. Consider the climate, scenery, and potential challenges when choosing the perfect time for your wedding.

Theme And Décor Ideas

A rustic barn wedding with string lights, floral arches, and wooden farm tables set against a backdrop of rolling Georgia hills and a serene lake

Choosing a theme and décor for your Georgia wedding can transform your venue and set the mood. Many popular options include rustic charm and elegant southern styles.

Rustic Charm

A rustic wedding theme blends natural elements with cozy, vintage details. Think wooden tables draped with burlap, fairy lights hanging from the ceiling, and mason jar centerpieces filled with wildflowers. Barns and open fields are ideal settings.

Decor ideas include:

  • Wooden signs with calligraphy for directions and table numbers.
  • Hanging lanterns and candles for a soft, romantic glow.
  • Hay bales covered with quilts for casual seating.

The rustic charm theme works wonderfully in venues like Koury Farms in Auburn, Georgia, which offers a farmhouse and vineyard.

Elegant Southern

An elegant southern wedding theme focuses on sophistication with a touch of classic southern hospitality. Picture a grand plantation home or ballroom with sweeping views, elegant chandeliers, and lush floral arrangements.

Decor ideas include:

  • Formal table settings with china, crystal, and silverware.
  • Flower arrangements featuring magnolias, roses, and peonies.
  • Classic touches like monogrammed napkins and menus.

Venues such as The Falls at Blue Ridge offer stunning backdrops with ballrooms and mountain views, perfect for an elegant southern theme. This style emphasizes grace and grandeur, making every guest feel special.

Legal Requirements For Marriage In Georgia

A couple exchanging vows at a picturesque outdoor wedding venue in Georgia, with a backdrop of lush greenery and blooming flowers

Before tying the knot in Georgia, there are a few legal steps you need to follow. These steps include obtaining a marriage license, gathering the necessary documents, and making sure your officiant meets state guidelines.

Marriage License

To get married in Georgia, you must apply for a marriage license. You can get this license from any county probate court if at least one person is a Georgia resident. If neither person lives in Georgia, you must apply in the county where the wedding will occur. The cost of the license ranges from $56 to $82 and must be used within 60 days of issuance.

Required Documents

You’ll need certain documents to prove your eligibility for marriage. Both parties must provide identification, such as a birth certificate, driver’s license, or passport to show you are at least 18 years old. If one of you is 17, you can still get married with court approval and other conditions met. You must also confirm prior marriages are legally dissolved.

Officiant Guidelines

In Georgia, the ceremony can be performed by various officiants, including ordained clergy, judges, and justices of the peace. The officiant must complete and sign the marriage license after the ceremony. They are responsible for returning the license to the county probate court, ensuring the state records your marriage.

Make sure your officiant is legally recognized in Georgia to avoid any legal issues.

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