How to Plan a Wedding in the Countryside: Tips for an Unforgettable Rustic Celebration

Ready to plan a dreamy wedding in the countryside? Imagine saying your vows surrounded by fields, rustic barns, and nature’s beauty. A country wedding offers a unique charm that blends elegance with a cozy, homey feel.

A rustic barn surrounded by rolling hills, with a pathway lined with wildflowers leading to a ceremony area under a large oak tree. Tables set with lace and mason jar centerpieces, and twinkling lights strung overhead for the reception

Start with a versatile color scheme of white and green. This classic palette, as suggested by Matthew Robbins, brings out the serene vibe of the countryside. Incorporating natural elements like vines and berries in your floral arrangements can add a rustic touch, creating a chic aesthetic.

Enhance your guests’ experience with thoughtful details. Gift jars of jam at each place setting to bring a nostalgic feel of grandma’s kitchen, adorned with lace doilies, delighting both the eyes and taste buds. For a picturesque setting, consider taking your couple’s portraits in a lavender field, which can add a touch of romance and elegance to your countryside celebration inspired by old-fashioned country wedding ideas.

Selecting Your Countryside Venue

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When planning your countryside wedding, picking the right venue is one of the most important decisions. Certain types of venues like barns, farms, ranches, vineyards, and garden estates offer unique experiences and beautiful settings.

Barns and Farms

Choosing a barn wedding venue can give your event a charming, rustic feel. These venues often have a lot of open space, which is perfect for both the ceremony and the reception. Many barns come with beautiful, natural surroundings, making for stunning wedding photos.

Rustic barns can offer a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces. This is useful in case of unpredictable weather. Farms often have unique features like hay bales and wildflower fields that add a touch of countryside charm.

These venues can provide a relaxed atmosphere where guests can mingle and enjoy the fresh air. Plus, barns and farms usually have fewer noise restrictions, which is great if you plan on having a lively reception with music and dancing.

Ranches and Vineyards

Ranches and vineyards are another excellent option for a countryside wedding. Ranches typically have expansive landscapes with a lot of room for guests to move around. They often feature beautiful backdrops of rolling hills or open plains. This can make your wedding feel spacious and grand.

Vineyards, on the other hand, offer a touch of elegance with their manicured grapevines and scenic views. Getting married at a vineyard can add an element of sophistication to your event. Many vineyards also have tasting rooms or cellars that can serve as unique spaces for smaller events like rehearsal dinners.

Both ranches and vineyards can offer a mix of indoor and outdoor options, giving you flexibility in planning your ceremony and reception. The natural beauty of these venues means less need for elaborate decorations.

Mountain Lodges and Garden Estates

If you want a truly picturesque setting, consider a mountain lodge or garden estate. Mountain lodges offer breathtaking views and a cozy, intimate feel. These venues are ideal for couples who love nature and want a stunning backdrop for their wedding photos. The higher elevation often means cooler temperatures, which can be a nice break from the heat of lower altitudes.

Garden estates offer lush, green surroundings perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony. These venues often feature beautiful gardens, fountains, and walking paths. This can create a romantic and serene atmosphere.

Both options provide plenty of photo opportunities and unique settings that will leave lasting memories for you and your guests. Whether surrounded by mountains or gardens, these venues offer a fairytale-like environment for your special day.

Theme and Decor Inspiration

A rustic barn adorned with string lights and wildflowers, set against a backdrop of rolling hills and a serene blue sky

Creating a beautiful countryside wedding involves embracing natural elements, blending rustic charm with vintage elegance, and enhancing the atmosphere with thoughtful lighting and color schemes. Each detail will help set the perfect scene for your special day.

Rustic Chic and Vintage Elegance

For a rustic chic theme, think about combining raw, natural materials with vintage touches. Use wooden signage and vintage lace table runners to add charm and elegance. Burlap ribbons can tie the rustic elements together, while mason jars filled with flowers or candles make ideal centerpieces.

Vintage decorations, like antique frames or old-fashioned floral prints, can complement these rustic details. For the tables, use mix-and-match vintage vases or containers to hold floral arrangements. Adding vintage-style furniture, like weathered tables and distressed chairs, will enhance the theme even more. This blend of rustic and vintage elements creates a timeless and comfortable atmosphere for your guests.

Natural Elements and Florals

Natural elements are key to achieving an authentic countryside wedding. Utilize the abundance of nature by integrating seasonal flowers, greenery, and handmade decor. For instance, wildflowers and baby’s breath can be woven into wreaths or used as simple, elegant bouquets.

Wood slices can serve as bases for centerpieces, and barrels can double as cocktail tables. Adding floral prints and greenery garlands enhances the natural beauty of the setting. You might also consider using potted plants or herbs as decorations, which can later be given away as favors. These touches help to create an inviting and picturesque environment.

Lighting and Color Schemes

Lighting is crucial to crafting a romantic and warm ambiance. String lights hung overhead or wrapped around trees can provide soft, enchanting illumination. Bistro lights are perfect for adding a festive glow to your reception tables. Candles can be placed in mason jars or along walkways to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere as the sun sets.

For color schemes, a classic green and white palette is always a popular choice for countryside weddings. This reflects the natural surroundings and adds a touch of elegance. Alternatively, a mix of earth tones like browns, beiges, and greens with pops of soft colors such as blush or lavender can create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. Choosing the right colors will ensure your wedding is visually cohesive and stunning.

Attire and Accessories

A rustic wedding scene with a bride's flowing lace gown, a groom's tailored suit, wildflower bouquets, and wooden signage

When planning a countryside wedding, selecting the right attire and accessories is key. Consider integrating elements like cowboy boots, flower crowns, and rustic chic styles to complement the natural setting and enhance the overall theme.

Bridal Gowns and Cowboy Boots

For brides, a wedding dress that complements the countryside theme is essential. Consider choosing dresses made from fabrics like chiffon and tulle for a light and flowy look. Pairing your gown with cowboy boots adds a touch of rustic charm.

A lace wedding dress paired with boots creates a stunning rustic chic look. This combo is not only stylish but also practical for navigating outdoor terrain. Add a flower crown to complete the look and bring in a natural, romantic touch.

Suits and Boutonnieres

For the groom and groomsmen, consider suits that blend well with the outdoor environment. A khaki outfit or a classic dark suit paired with unique boutonnieres can hit the mark perfectly. Boutonnieres made from wildflowers or simple greenery align with the countryside theme and add a personalized touch.

A nice touch is matching the boutonnieres to the bridal bouquet. This cohesion ties the overall look together. Keep the suits light and breathable, as countryside venues can get warm especially during the summer months.

Unique Touches for the Couple and Guests

Adding personal touches to your attire can make your countryside wedding even more memorable. For example, offer guests jars of homemade jam as favors, adorned with lace doilies for a nostalgic feel. These little details help to bring the charm of a countryside setting to life.

For the couple, consider unique accessories like custom cowboy hats or embroidered handkerchiefs. These items not only enhance your outfits but also serve as memorable keepsakes from the day.

Emphasize comfort without compromising style. Ensure the attire and accessories reflect the relaxed, yet elegant vibe of a countryside wedding.

Ceremony and Reception Details

A rustic barn adorned with fairy lights, surrounded by rolling green hills and wildflowers. A wooden sign points towards the ceremony area, with hay bales for seating. A vintage truck is parked nearby, ready to transport guests to the reception

Creating a memorable countryside wedding involves paying attention to the ceremony space and arranging a beautiful reception. These details make a lasting impact and ensure a smooth event.

Setting Up Your Ceremony Space

An outdoor ceremony is perfect for a countryside wedding. Imagine your guests seated on rustic hay bales or simple wooden benches. Add a floral arch with wildflowers and greenery to create a stunning focal point.

Lighting plays a key role. Consider hanging string lights or lanterns in nearby trees to add a magical touch. Don’t forget a sound system so your guests can hear the vows clearly. Make sure there’s a tent nearby in case of bad weather.

Reception Layout and Seating Arrangements

For your country wedding reception, farm tables bring a rustic yet elegant vibe. Pair them with mismatched chairs for a relaxed feel. Set up long, communal tables if you prefer a minimalist layout. This encourages interaction among guests.

Decorate tables with simple centerpieces like mason jars filled with wildflowers. Scatter votive candles or fairy lights to create a cozy atmosphere. Ensure there’s a clear path from the dining area to the dance floor for seamless movement.

Dinner and Dancing under the Stars

Consider serving dinner outdoors to make the most of your countryside setting. Set up a bar with country flair, offering local wines and craft beers. Buffet-style or family-style dining works great for a relaxed feel.

After dinner, move to the dance floor. Decorate it with bistro lights or lanterns. Whether you choose a live band or a DJ, make sure the dance area is spacious and inviting. Provide some outdoor seating nearby for those who need a break from dancing.

By focusing on these details, your countryside wedding will be both beautiful and memorable.

Food, Cake, and Favors

A rustic wedding scene with a table set with food, cake, and favors in the countryside

Planning the food, cake, and favors for your country wedding involves selecting the right catering, designing a rustic cake, and choosing thoughtful gifts for your guests. Each element should reflect the countryside charm.

Country-Styled Catering Options

For a country wedding, choose foods that reflect the rustic charm of the countryside. Barbecue is a popular option, with grilled meats like ribs and chicken. Include sides such as coleslaw, baked beans, and cornbread.

A farm-to-table menu featuring local produce can also be a hit. Fresh fruit, salads, and roasted vegetables work well. A buffet style setup or having food stations can make the meal more relaxed and interactive.

To drink, consider a lemonade stand or a mason jar beverage bar. This way, guests can help themselves to iced tea, lemonade, or even a whiskey bar.

Rustic Wedding Cakes and Desserts

Your wedding cake should match the rustic theme. A popular choice is a naked cake, where the layers are visible. Decorate it with fresh fruit and pressed wildflowers for a natural touch.

A country wedding cake often features simple decorations, like burlap ribbons or wooden cake toppers. If you love riding together, a pair of horse figurines would be a cute topper.

Don’t forget other desserts like pies and cookies. Set up a dessert table with these treats, and include favorites like apple pie, peach cobbler, or fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Wedding Favors with a Country Twist

Wedding favors are a small token of appreciation for your guests. For a country twist, consider jars of homemade jam. This idea brings the feel of a cozy, rustic kitchen to your wedding. You can add lace doilies for extra charm.

Cookie wedding favors can be customized with your initials or wedding date. For a practical and fun option, custom koozies with your wedding monogram can be a hit, especially for an outdoor reception.

Paper bags filled with treats like candy or nuts are simple yet thoughtful. Decorate them with burlap or twine to keep the rustic vibe. These small touches will make your guests feel special and tie into your countryside wedding theme.

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