Is Sunday a Good Day to Get Married? Pros and Cons to Consider

When considering the many variables for planning a wedding, choosing the right day is pivotal. Sunday weddings have become an attractive option for many couples looking to tie the knot. Opting for a Sunday may offer financial advantages, as many venues and vendors offer discounts for Sunday events. This cost-effectiveness paired with potentially greater availability of your preferred venue and professionals could make it easier to secure your dream wedding team.

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Additionally, a Sunday wedding can convey a more relaxed, intimate atmosphere, allowing for a level of creativity and flexibility that other days may not accommodate. You may find that a Sunday allows for different types of celebrations, such as a morning ceremony followed by a brunch reception or a cozy evening gathering. This flexibility can help in creating a wedding that truly reflects your personalities and preferences. With these considerations in mind, it becomes clear that Sundays offer unique benefits for your nuptials.

Key Takeaways

  • Sunday weddings can be more cost-effective with potential for vendor discounts.
  • Greater availability and flexibility can help secure desired venues and professionals.
  • The relaxed atmosphere of a Sunday wedding allows for personal and creative celebration options.

Choosing Your Wedding Date

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When you’re planning your special day, the choice of when you get married is almost as important as the event itself. You’ll need to weigh the benefits and challenges of different days of the week, with a particular focus on the unique dynamics of Sunday weddings versus traditional Saturday ones.

Pros and Cons of a Sunday Wedding


  • Cost Savings: Sunday weddings can be more cost-effective, as some venues offer lower rates on non-traditional days.
  • Availability: You may find a wider selection of venues and vendors available on Sundays, giving you more choice and flexibility.


  • Guest Convenience: Guests might have commitments the next day, making late-night celebrations less convenient.
  • Shorter Reception: The party often wraps up earlier on Sunday evenings to accommodate for the work week ahead.

Saturday Vs. Sunday Wedding

  • Saturday Wedding:
    • Typically the most popular choice, providing guests the ability to celebrate freely without concern for the following day.
    • Higher demand can lead to increased costs and less availability.
  • Sunday Wedding:
    • May offer a more intimate setting due to potentially smaller guest lists.
    • Can coincide with holiday weekends, such as Labor Day or Memorial Day, to mitigate next-day travel or work concerns for guests.

Importance of the Wedding Date

Choosing your wedding date isn’t just about the day of the week. You should also consider:

  • Seasonality: Weather and seasonal beauty can influence your choice. For instance, fall is part of the peak wedding season due to its mild weather and natural backdrops.
  • Significant Dates: Some couples select dates with personal significance or popular numerological patterns.
  • Cultural and Religious Holidays: Be aware of dates that might conflict with religious observances, such as Lent, where some couples choose not to marry.
  • Holiday Weekends: Utilizing a holiday weekend can extend celebrations but may also increase costs and reduce guest availability due to their own holiday plans.

Planning Your Sunday Wedding

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When planning your Sunday wedding, key considerations such as budget optimization, securing favorable vendors and venues, and ensuring guest convenience with travel and accommodations are paramount.

Budget Considerations

Your wedding budget can stretch further with a Sunday celebration. Many vendors and venues offer discounted rates for Sundays, allowing you to allocate funds to other aspects of your special day or perhaps even upgrade your choices. For example, your dream venue may be available at a more affordable rate, leading to significant cost savings.

Vendor and Venue Availability

When it comes to selecting your vendors and venue, Sunday weddings can offer much more flexibility. High-demand suppliers such as florists, photographers, and caterers may be more readily available, making it easier for you to book your first-choice options. With fewer competing events, you have a better chance to create the wedding you envision. Plus, accessing services like a special church ceremony becomes more feasible.

Travel and Accommodation for Guests

Guest convenience is crucial when considering travel and accommodations. While Sundays generally allow for easier booking of hotels at potentially lower rates, keep in mind that many of your guests may need to attend work the following day. An earlier wedding can mean less worry about travel time and next-day obligations. Guests may appreciate the thoughtfulness as they can return home at a reasonable time and be well-rested for the work week ahead.

The Wedding Ceremony and Reception

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When choosing Sunday for your wedding day, consider the unique opportunities and constraints this day offers for both your ceremony and reception.

Ceremony Timing and Logistics

For a Sunday wedding, you typically have more freedom to schedule your ceremony. If you prefer a traditional setting, Sunday church services may influence your ceremony timing, especially in the early afternoon. A late morning or brunch wedding allows you to avoid this clash and can provide a relaxed start to the festivities with mimosas and a lighter fare. It’s essential to communicate with your wedding planner and wedding vendors well in advance since they can assist in navigating the logistics and ensuring everything flows seamlessly.

Reception Ideas for a Sunday Wedding

Your Sunday reception could transition into the early afternoon with a brunch theme that encapsulates a variety of breakfast and lunch options. This informal and friendly atmosphere provides a comfortable space for guests to mingle. Alternatively, for a more traditional approach, consider an after-party at a local lounge for guests who want to celebrate into the evening. Whatever you choose, a Sunday wedding can culminate with a morning-after brunch, giving you and your guests one last chance to reminisce about the special day before saying goodbye.

Cultural and Religious Considerations

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When planning your wedding day, it’s important to consider how the date intersects with religious practices and cultural traditions. These can significantly influence your decision, guest availability, and the overall feel of your ceremony.

Religious Observances

Religious observances are often a key factor in selecting a wedding date. For instance, if you’re planning a church wedding, you should be aware that some denominations may have restrictions or preferences about holding marriage ceremonies on Sundays. Catholics, for example, can get married on Sundays, but there are guidelines regarding the liturgy and scripture readings that must be followed. This could mean you’ll need to use the readings prescribed for that Sunday’s Mass, without the option to choose your own.

On the other hand, Jewish communities often see Sunday as a favored day, especially since Tuesday (considered an auspicious day to marry due to its reference in the Torah) isn’t as practical for modern schedules, leading many to opt for Sunday ceremonies instead.

Cultural Significance of Wedding Days

Your cultural background may also dictate favorable days for weddings. In many cultures, certain days are thought to bring more luck and happiness to a couple’s future, and these beliefs might be deeply ingrained in your family’s wedding traditions. While Saturday is traditionally the most popular day for weddings in many Western societies, increased interest in Sunday weddings has been noted for its practical benefits, such as cost savings on venues and services.

In terms of culture, opting for a Sunday may also afford you greater flexibility with venue selection and vendor availability, allowing you to secure your first choices without the competition that Saturdays typically bring. Furthermore, if your cultural traditions include a multi-day celebration, starting on a Sunday could extend the merriment into the following week.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When you’re considering tying the knot, picking a day can be just as important as the venue or the dress. If a Sunday wedding is on your radar, here are some commonly asked questions to help you weigh your options.

What are the perks of having a Sunday wedding?

Sunday weddings can offer cost savings as many vendors and venues provide discounts for events held on this day. You might also find better availability for certain venues or service providers who are booked up on more traditional days like Saturday.

Are courthouses open for marriages on Sundays?

Courthouses typically operate on weekdays, so it’s unlikely that they are open for marriages on Sundays. However, it’s essential to check with your local courthouse as some might offer special provisions or have occasional weekend hours.

How does a Sunday wedding typically differ from a Saturday one?

A Sunday wedding may often be shorter in duration and possibly start earlier in the day compared to a Saturday event. This could mean a daytime reception or an early evening finish, allowing guests to prepare for the upcoming workweek.

What considerations should be kept in mind for a Sunday wedding ceremony at a Catholic church?

Catholic churches usually have a set schedule for Mass on Sundays, so your wedding ceremony may need to work around these times. You’ll also want to speak with the church administration early to understand the necessary preparations and protocols.

How do guest expectations vary for a wedding held on a Sunday?

Guests might expect a more laid-back or shorter wedding on a Sunday, especially if they have work the following day. Additionally, the turnout could be lower than on a Saturday due to travel considerations for out-of-town guests.

Is there a notable difference in cost between Friday and Sunday weddings?

Typically Sunday weddings can be less expensive than Friday events as Fridays tend to kick off the weekend and are closer to the traditional Saturday wedding peak pricing. However, it’s always best to compare prices, as this can vary by location and vendor.

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