Things Brides Regret Not Ordering Before Their Wedding: Essential Items to Consider

Things Brides Regret Not Ordering Before Their Wedding: Essential Items to Consider

Planning a wedding is a journey filled with excitement, love, and joy. But amidst all the happiness, some brides find themselves wishing they had ordered certain things for their big day.

A common regret among brides is not hiring a videographer to capture their precious moments. Photos are wonderful, but a video allows you to relive the sounds, movements, and emotions.

Another overlooked item is the wedding album. In the digital age, it might seem unnecessary, but having a physical album to flip through can be a cherished keepsake. Plus, it allows you to share and reminisce your most beautiful moments with friends and family in a more tangible way.

Additionally, don’t forget about small luxuries that make a big difference. Personalized wedding favors, special transport for guests, or even a choreographed first dance can add unique touches that make the day unforgettable.

A Videographer to Capture the Precious Moments

A table set with forgotten wedding items: vows, guest book, cake topper, and personalized favors

Hiring a wedding videographer can make a big difference on your wedding day. While photos capture still moments, a video lets you relive the day with sound and motion.

Imagine watching your ceremony from start to finish. Seeing the look on your partner’s face as you walk down the aisle is priceless.

Your first dance is another moment you’ll want to revisit. A video captures the movement and music, bringing back the emotions of that special dance.

Not to mention the reception. Watching your loved ones on the dance floor will surely bring smiles and laughter for years to come.

A videographer can also capture candid family moments. These are often missed in still photos but shine in videos.

Having high-resolution videos means your memories are preserved in excellent quality. You can also request non-watermarked photos from your videographer.

You might also like some scenes in a documentary style or a more cinematic approach. The style should match what you envision for your wedding video.

In addition to a video, you can still get an album with photography shots. This way, you have the best of both worlds: beautiful stills and engaging videos.

Enough Food and Drinks for All Guests

A table filled with an abundance of food and drinks, with empty plates and glasses scattered around, indicating a lack of foresight in wedding planning

To keep guests happy, make sure there’s plenty of food and drinks. Running out can be a big regret.

Planning the Menu

Start with your budget. Allocate enough for a good variety of dishes. Breakfast options if you have a morning event, or a nice dinner for evening celebrations, should be included.

Beverage Options

An open bar can be a hit, but also pricey. Offering a range of drinks like wine, beer, and a signature drink can be a good middle-ground.

Alcohol Choices

It’s important to have options for those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks. Ensure you have enough beer, wine, and mixed drinks for those who enjoy alcohol.

Catering Quantities

Check with your caterer on portion sizes. It’s better to have too much than to run out. A table of quantities might help:

ItemPer Guest
Main Course1-2 servings
Side Dishes2-3 servings
Beer and Wine2-3 glasses each
Mixed Drinks/Signature Drink1-2 servings
Non-Alcoholic Drinks3-4 glasses

A Comfortable and Stylish Bridal Robe

A luxurious bridal robe hanging on a sleek hanger, surrounded by delicate lace and satin details

Choosing a comfortable and stylish bridal robe is important for your wedding day. It’s not just for you, but also for your bridesmaids. A good robe makes everyone feel special during the getting-ready moments.

When picking a robe, find something that feels great, like satin or silk. These materials are soft and look fancy in photos.

If you like lace, there are many options with beautiful lace trims. It adds a touch of elegance without being too much.

You might want robes that match your wedding dress color. White or pastel shades are classic choices.

Including your bridesmaids can make them feel part of your big day. You can even personalize their robes with their initials.

FabricFeaturesPrice Range
SatinSoft, shiny, looks great in photos$15-$125
SilkLuxurious, smooth, elegant$50-$200
Lace trimAdds elegance and detail$25-$100

Comfort is key. You’ll be wearing the robe for a while as you get ready, so pick something you can move in easily.

Making sure everyone feels comfortable and stylish in their getting-ready robes helps create a joyful atmosphere before the ceremony starts.

Additional Lighting or Decor Elements

The wedding reception hall is dimly lit, lacking the additional lighting and decor elements that brides regret not ordering before their wedding. Tables sit bare, awaiting the final touches that would bring the space to life

Adding extra lighting and decor can change the whole atmosphere of your wedding. It’s not just about illumination; it’s about creating a mood and setting a backdrop that works for both the ceremony and reception.

Lighting Options

  • String Lights: These are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Hang them in the reception area or around the ceremony space.
  • Lanterns: These add a rustic touch. They work well for outdoor weddings and can be placed along paths or on tables.
  • Spotlights: Use these to highlight specific details like your cake table or the dance floor.

Decor Elements

  • Hanging Decor: Chandeliers or floral installations can provide a stunning focal point. They can be used in both the ceremony and reception areas.
  • Backdrop: Create a beautiful backdrop for the head table or the sweetheart table. This makes for great photos and frames the couple beautifully.
  • Draping: Use fabric to transform a plain space into something magical. It can be used on walls, ceilings, or even as an entrance to the ceremony or reception.

Impact on Photos

Good lighting can make a big difference in your wedding photos. Your photographer can take advantage of the different light sources and angles to capture beautiful, memorable shots.

Final Details

Don’t forget small details that can enhance the atmosphere. Adding candles, fairy lights, or even colored uplighting can make your venue shine. Think about how these elements will look in pictures and create the perfect setting for your big day.

A Day-Of Coordinator or Wedding Planner

YouTube video

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. A day-of coordinator or a wedding planner can help ease the stress and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Day-Of Coordinator:

  • Manages vendors
  • Oversees timelines
  • Handles setup

This role is crucial for a stress-free wedding day. They take care of all the details, so you can focus on enjoying your special day.

Wedding Planner:

  • Assists with planning from start to finish
  • Helps create a budget
  • Coordinates with vendors throughout the process

A wedding planner offers full support and is more involved than a day-of coordinator. They help with the big picture and small details.


  • Create a detailed checklist with your coordinator or planner.
  • Include vendor contracts, timeline, and emergency contacts.
  • Keep backup options ready.


  • Decide if you have the budget for a day-of coordinator, a full wedding planner, or both.
  • Remember, investing in either can save you stress.

Emergency Kit:

  • Have an emergency kit ready with items like safety pins, bandaids, and stain remover.
  • Your coordinator or planner can help manage these needs.

Enough Transportation for the Bridal Party

A row of sleek limousines and classic cars line up, ready to transport the bridal party. A vintage trolley waits nearby, adorned with flowers and ribbons

Planning enough transportation for the bridal party is really important. You don’t want any bridesmaids or the groom waiting on the big day.

Make sure you book a large vehicle or enough cars to fit everyone comfortably. Vintage cars can add a stylish touch. Imagine arriving in a classic vehicle, making stunning photos.

You should also think about transportation for your guests. Some of them might be traveling from out of town and may not have a car. Providing shuttle buses or hired cars can take this hassle away.

Many brides regret not checking if their transport can accommodate special needs. Be sure to arrange proper, accessible options for anyone who might need them. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way.

A Photobooth or Fun Entertainment

A photobooth surrounded by empty space, with confetti and props scattered around. A sign reads "Fun Entertainment" with a regretful bride in the background

When planning your wedding, think about adding a photobooth. It’s a hit at receptions.

Your guests will love taking silly and fun photos together. Plus, you get all the photos as keepsakes.

A photobooth can come with props, making pictures even more entertaining. People can use funny hats, glasses, and signs.

It’s a great way to break the ice and get everyone laughing.

You might also consider other forms of entertainment. Think about a live band or a DJ that can keep everyone dancing.

Personalized entertainment makes the event memorable for your guests.

Some brides regret not having these fun elements. They can really elevate the atmosphere of your reception.

Your guests will talk about how much fun they had, and you’ll have great memories captured in photos.

Even simple entertainment like a magician or caricature artist can make your event special.

These add a unique touch and keep the energy high throughout your celebration.

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Enough Dessert Options or a Dessert Bar

A table filled with a variety of decadent desserts, from cakes and cupcakes to macarons and fruit tarts. A sign reads "Dessert Bar" in elegant script

When planning your wedding reception, having enough dessert options can keep your guests delighted. A well-planned dessert bar provides a variety of treats, making sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A dessert bar allows your guests to pick from multiple sweet options.

Cake pops, for example, are a fun and easy-to-eat choice. They come pre-made, so there’s no need for cutting. Plus, they look great on display.

You can also add milk and cookie shooters to your dessert bar. These are small chocolate chip cookies served with glasses of milk. If you want different flavors, consider snickerdoodles or gingerbread cookies.

For something unique, consider serving churros instead of traditional cake. Your caterer can present them in cones or small glasses. It’s a tasty and unexpected treat.

Here are some ideas for your dessert bar list:

  • Cupcakes: Various flavors to cater to different tastes.
  • Brownies: Fudgy or with nuts, give your guests choices.
  • Candy Station: Personalized candy that matches your wedding colors.
  • Fruit Tarts: For guests who prefer something lighter.

Benefits of a Dessert Bar:

  • Variety: Appeals to a wide range of tastes.
  • Fun Presentation: Nicely displayed treats can be a conversation starter.
  • Customization: You can personalize desserts to match your theme or colors.

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Personalized Wedding Favors or Welcome Bags

A table filled with personalized wedding favors and welcome bags, surrounded by regretful brides realizing they should have ordered them before the wedding

Personalized wedding favors or welcome bags are a special touch for your guests. They can make your wedding even more memorable for everyone.

Welcome bags are a great way to greet your guests. They can include snacks, bottled water, or personalized items like hand sanitizer or candles. These small touches show how much you appreciate their presence.

Favors can be personalized to fit your theme or the season. For example, stemless wine glasses with your names and wedding date can be a useful keepsake. Personalized tea towels or embroidered fleece blankets are great choices too.

A list of items you can include in welcome bags:

  • Mini bottles of water
  • Snacks (like chips or candy)
  • Local maps or guides
  • Health and safety supplies (like hand sanitizer)
  • Personalized items (like candles or keychains)

If you’re thinking about going the extra mile, consider making these favors unique. Monogrammed items or small bottles of locally made jam can make a significant impact.

Including a mix of practical and fun items can make your guests feel extra special. Personalized drinkware, like wine glasses or mugs, adds a touch of elegance. Attaching a small thank-you note can add a heartfelt touch.

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A Professional Hair and Makeup Team

A professional hair and makeup team busily prepares for a wedding, surrounded by various beauty products and tools

Hiring a professional hair and makeup team for your wedding day can make a huge difference.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Photography: Your photos will look amazing since professionals know how to apply makeup that pops on camera.
  • Confidence: Feel great knowing your hair and makeup will stay put throughout the day.

Common Regrets:

  • Some brides regret doing their own hair and makeup. They often find it’s harder to manage, and the results don’t last.
  • Bridesmaids might have different skill levels with makeup, leading to uneven looks in your wedding photos.


  • Choose a team you vibe with. It’s important to get along with your stylists.
  • Do a trial run. Wear the hair and makeup for a day to make sure it stays.

Personal Stories:

  • Real Brides shared that their makeup didn’t last and their curls fell out because they didn’t use professional products.
  • Some wish they had their regular stylist travel with them, especially for destination weddings.

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A Stunning Bridal Bouquet and Floral Arrangements

A vibrant bridal bouquet and matching floral arrangements sit on a table, showcasing the beauty and elegance that brides often regret not ordering before their wedding

Choosing the right bridal bouquet can make a huge difference on your wedding day. Your bouquet is one of the most photographed accessories you’ll have. It sets the tone for the ceremony and reception.

Consider opting for a single-stem bouquet if you love minimalism. This simple style looks elegant and timeless.

For a more vibrant look, think about tropical blooms. Adding exotic flowers can give your wedding a fun, beachy feel, even if you’re not having a destination wedding.

Here are some popular types of bouquets and arrangements:

  • Cascading Bouquets: These create a dramatic, flowing effect.
  • Hand-tied Bouquets: These are more relaxed and natural-looking.
  • Posy Bouquets: Compact and easy to hold, perfect for bridesmaids too.

Floral arrangements don’t stop at the bridal bouquet. Don’t forget to order:

  • Bridesmaids’ Bouquets: Coordinate these with your own for a cohesive look.
  • Ceremony Flowers: Enhance the altar or aisle with floral arrangements.
  • Reception Flowers: Centerpieces and other decorations can transform the venue.

Mixing different textures, colors, and types of flowers can create a unique and striking arrangement. You might also want to include herbs or greenery for added texture and fragrance.

Remember, your choices in flowers can reflect your personal style and theme of the wedding. So take your time to explore different options and find arrangements that truly resonate with you.

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A Backup Plan for Inclement Weather

A wedding venue with a covered outdoor area, equipped with tents, umbrellas, and heaters, ready for unexpected weather changes

Planning for your wedding day includes having a backup plan for unexpected weather. Rain, wind, or extreme heat can disrupt your ceremony. Here are a few things you can do to prepare.

Rent a Tent: Tents with clear panels can keep your guests dry without blocking the view.

Make sure to choose a venue with both indoor and outdoor options for flexibility.

Store blankets and umbrellas for guests. These small items can keep everyone comfortable and dry.

Create a bad-weather fund. Setting aside money for unexpected expenses, such as tent rentals, helps ensure you’re covered in case the weather changes.

Work with your planner to adjust the timeline. Allow extra time for guests to travel and settle if the weather is bad.

Have extra staff ready to help. This ensures quick setup and recovery from weather issues.

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Comfortable Shoes for the Bride and Bridesmaids

The bride and bridesmaids' comfortable shoes sit neatly arranged on a table, overlooked and regretfully not ordered before the wedding

When planning your wedding, it’s easy to overlook the importance of comfortable shoes for you and your bridesmaids. You’ll be on your feet all day, from the ceremony to the reception and dancing.

Bride’s Shoes

For brides, finding comfy shoes is essential. Heels like Bella Belle Frances Ivory Crystal Bridal Kitten Heels are stylish and padded for extra comfort.

Another popular choice is the Dream Pairs Women’s Chunk Low Heel Pump Sandal, loved by many for its support and chic design.

Bridesmaids’ Shoes

Your bridesmaids also need to stay comfortable.

Journee Collection Lirryc 2 Sandal is a great option. It’s stylish and won’t hurt their feet after hours of standing and dancing.

Another versatile choice is the Pashion Footwear Convertible Heel, which can switch between flat and heel.

Consider Footwear Features

  • Arch Support: Look for shoes with proper arch support.
  • Padding: Extra padding underfoot can prevent discomfort.
  • Adjustable Straps: These help keep feet secure and comfy.
  • Heel Height: Choose lower heels or convertibles to reduce strain.

Tip: Always break in your shoes before the big day. Wear them around the house to ensure they’re comfortable.

Shopping List

Here’s a quick list to consider:

  • Bella Belle Frances Ivory Crystal Bridal Kitten Heels
  • Dream Pairs Women’s Chunk Low Heel Pump Sandal
  • Journee Collection Lirryc 2 Sandal
  • Pashion Footwear Convertible Heel

Ensure that both you and your bridesmaids have shoes that will keep you happy and comfortable throughout the day. Your feet will thank you!

A Dedicated Getting-Ready Space

A cluttered vanity with forgotten accessories, a disorganized jewelry box, and a neglected steamer for wrinkled dresses

When it comes to wedding prep, having a dedicated space is key.

Brides often regret not booking a special room to get ready in. A private area can make a huge difference in your comfort and peace of mind.

A hotel suite is a popular choice. It offers plenty of room for the bridal party and ensures everyone has enough space to get ready. Plus, having your own restroom and mirrors is a big plus.

Think about the lighting.

Natural light is perfect for makeup and photos. Choose a room with large windows to help your photoshoot look more beautiful.

Having a dedicated space also means fewer distractions.

You can focus on getting ready without the hustle and bustle of the venue staff or other guests around.

Don’t forget about amenities.

Make sure there are enough chairs, outlets, and a wardrobe for your dress. A getting-ready space with these conveniences can make the process smoother and stress-free.

Brides, make sure the groom has a separate room too!

Each party needs its own space to prepare. This makes for a more organized and calm experience for everyone involved.

Consider adding personal touches to your room.

Bring your favorite snacks, drinks, and maybe even a small speaker for music. These little comforts can make the morning of your wedding feel more special and relaxed.

A Customized Wedding Hashtag or Social Media Geofilter

A bride looking at her phone, realizing she forgot to order a customized wedding hashtag or social media geofilter before her big day

Creating a personalized wedding hashtag or Snapchat geofilter can make your big day even more special.

Wedding hashtags are a great way to unite all the social media posts from your event. They let you and your guests easily find and share memories. Choose something unique and easy to remember.

Snapchat geofilters offer a fun way for guests to share their moments with a custom touch.

You can design these filters to match your wedding theme. It adds an extra layer of personalization.

Why consider these?

  • Engagement: Guests love interactive elements.
  • Memories: Easily track and collect photos.
  • Fun: Adds a modern twist to your celebration.

Many wedding blogs suggest this idea for its simplicity and impact. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Brainstorm ideas for your hashtag.
  2. Ensure it’s unique by checking social media platforms.
  3. Design your geofilter on Snapchat or hire a designer.
  4. Promote: Display your hashtag and geofilter details at your venue, such as on signs or table cards.

By ordering a customized wedding hashtag and geofilter, you’ll enrich your social media presence and create lasting memories. These small touches bring a personal feel to your wedding.

A Live Band or DJ for the Reception

When planning your wedding reception, choosing between a live band and a DJ is a big decision.

A live band can bring a unique and energetic atmosphere to your event.

They can interact with your guests and even take song requests. If you want your 1st dance song to feel special, a live band can perform it in a way that feels personal and memorable.

While bands offer a one-of-a-kind experience, they can be expensive.

A live band typically costs around $3,900, which is higher than the average DJ price.

On the other hand, a DJ can be more budget-friendly, costing about $1,500.

They offer flexibility with music genres, and their playlist can keep the party going all night. DJs are also quicker to set up and require less space.

Here’s a simple comparison:

FactorLive BandDJ
Setup timeLongerShorter
Space neededMoreLess
Music varietyLimited to band’s repertoireAlmost unlimited
Interaction with guestsHighVaries

A Sparkler or Confetti Exit

Making a memorable exit on your wedding day can be magical. Two popular choices are sparklers and confetti. Let’s explore both options to help you decide.

Sparklers for a Dazzling Farewell

Sparklers are great for evening receptions. They create a beautiful glow and make for stunning photos.

Tip: Longer sparklers, like 36 inches, are ideal for large guest lists. They last longer so everyone can enjoy the moment.

Confetti: Colorful and Fun

Confetti is perfect for a burst of color and excitement.

You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and colors to match your wedding theme.

Bonus: Confetti is often more affordable and easily available in stores.

Preparing Your Guests

Let your guests know what to expect. Provide clear instructions on how to use sparklers safely or how to throw confetti. This ensures everyone enjoys the moment without any mishaps.

Safety First

  • For sparklers, have a plan for lighting them. Use a large flame, like a blowtorch, to light multiple sparklers quickly.
  • Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby for safe disposal.
  • Confetti is generally low-risk but can be slippery. Be mindful of the clean-up process.

A Late-Night Snack or Food Truck

Planning a reception means thinking about every detail, including late-night snacks. After hours on the dance floor, your guests will appreciate a tasty treat. Offering bite-sized snacks keeps everyone energized and happy.

Consider setting up mini hot dogs, slices of pizza, or doughnuts. These are easy for guests to grab without stopping their fun.

Another idea is to have a food truck.

It offers a unique experience and variety. You can choose from options like tacos, sliders, or ice cream. A food truck can also add a fun, unique touch to your night.

Snacks that guests can eat while mingling are a hit.

Soft pretzels with dipping sauces, like beer cheese or caramel, are great choices.

If you’re looking for something special, try gold-dusted peanut butter cups or bourbon chicken waffle bites.

These options combine fun flavors with easy-to-eat formats.

Personalize your snack options to reflect your favorites or your wedding theme. Maybe you both love French fries or have a favorite local snack that would be perfect.

A Bridal Emergency Kit

Let’s talk about a bridal emergency kit. It’s one thing brides often regret not having. A well-packed kit can save the day.


Tissues: Tears of joy are expected. Keep tissues handy.

Blotting Papers: These help absorb shine and oil, keeping your face photo-ready.

Bobby Pins: Hair can get messy. Bobby pins will help keep it in place.

First Aid Items

Compact First Aid Kit: Include bandages, hand sanitizer wipes, and antibiotic ointment. These can handle minor cuts and scrapes.

Tweezers: Perfect for stray hairs, splinters, or even fixing small details on your dress.

Clothing Hacks

Wrinkle-Release Spray: Keep your dress and other outfits crease-free.

Safety Pins: For any wardrobe malfunctions that might occur.

Stain Remover Pen: Tackle unexpected stains quickly.

Comfort Items

Baby Powder: Useful for absorbing moisture and reducing chafing, especially if it’s a hot day.

Flat Shoes or Slippers: Your feet might need a break from those gorgeous but painful heels.

Beauty and Grooming

Brush and Comb: Tame any hair that gets wild from wind or dancing.

Makeup Essentials: Bring your lipstick, compact mirror, and any other touch-up items.

Miscellaneous Must-Haves

Mints or Gum: Keep your breath fresh for all those hugs and kisses.

Snacks: A quick energy boost never hurts. Try granola bars or nuts.

A Luxurious Honeymoon Suite or Accommodations

After the wedding, your first night as a married couple should be special. Choosing a luxurious honeymoon suite can make all the difference.

Imagine ending your wedding day in a beautiful location. You can indulge in the comfort and luxury you deserve.

Consider booking a suite with private pools or hot tubs. This allows for personal, relaxing moments together.

For example, The Rooster in Antiparos, Greece and Astarte Suites in Santorini offer amazing views and secluded pools.

Staying closer to home? The Four Seasons Maui at Wailea in Hawaii provides an exotic feel without leaving the USA. It’s perfect if traveling far isn’t an option.

For a unique experience, the Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia offers stunning views and architecture. This resort is well-known for its romantic atmosphere and luxurious accommodations.

If budget is a concern, there are still options for a luxurious honeymoon stay that won’t break the bank.

The Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro in Belize offers an affordable yet exotic experience in a beautiful location.

Key Features to Look For:

  • Private Pools or Hot Tubs
  • Beautiful Views
  • Comfortable, Spacious Rooms
  • Romantic Atmosphere
  • Good Location (close to attractions or secluded, based on preference)

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