Wedding Ideas Something Blue: Creative Twists on Tradition

Incorporating a touch of azure into your wedding day isn’t just about following an old adage—it’s a way to add a personal and colorful twist to your celebration. This tradition of “something blue” dates back to ancient times and symbolizes fidelity and love. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry or a detail on your dress, the color blue can be your discrete thread of continuity, weaving through the tapestry of your wedding day, or it can make a bold statement in your décor.

A table set with blue floral centerpieces, delicate blue ribbons on chairs, and a blue vintage lace garter on a satin pillow

As you plan your wedding, consider various shades of blue and the many creative ways you can include them in your attire, decorations, and even keepsakes. Light sky blue ribbons can grace your bouquet, while a navy blue tie may adorn the groom’s attire. From the subtle to the striking, blue details can be integrated elegantly or with a playful charm to ensure they are remembered.

Key Takeaways

  • Adding “something blue” is a time-honored tradition that brings a splash of color and symbolism to your wedding.
  • There are diverse ways to incorporate blue into attire, from blue-stitched messages to statement accessories.
  • Blue elements in decor or keepsakes can range from subtle touches to eye-catching details.

The Tradition of Something Blue

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In the cherished wedding tradition, a bride is told to have “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” This comes from an Old English rhyme that associates each item with good fortune on your wedding day.

Something blue symbolizes fidelity, purity, and love. Integrating something of this color into your ensemble is a nod to these cherished values. Historically, the color was also thought to ward off the evil eye and ensure prosperity.

Here’s how you can incorporate something blue into your special day:

  • Wear a blue garter beneath your dress as a subtle touch.
  • Don a piece of blue jewelry such as a sapphire pendant or earrings.
  • Blue shoes can add a hidden pop of color and fun.
  • For a bolder statement, consider a blue ribbon in your hair or bouquet.

Remember, the idea is to bring you good luck and sweet memories to your married life. So choose a blue item that feels meaningful to you. Whether a vintage charm or a new piece of jewelry from a loved one, let your something blue be your personal twist on a beautiful tradition.

Something Blue Attire

A serene beach wedding with blue decor, ocean backdrop, and a bride's bouquet of blue flowers

Incorporating “something blue” into your wedding attire is a charming way to honor tradition while showcasing your personal style. Whether subtly woven into details or making a bold statement, there’s a blue hue to suit every bridal and groom’s taste.

Dressing the Bride

Your wedding dress can be your canvas for something blue. You have the option to don a stunning blue wedding dress if you wish to fully embrace the theme. Alternatively, infuse a bit of blue with your accessories. Consider the following:

  • Shoes: Slip into blue wedding shoes for a hidden pop of color that’s revealed with each step.
  • Garter: A delicate blue garter tucked beneath your gown is a classic and intimate touch.
  • Jewelry: Adorn yourself with sapphire jewelry, be it earrings, a necklace, or even a sapphire engagement ring for a regal nod to the tradition.
  • Accents: For a subtle blue, consider a blue manicure or a blue shawl for an evening chill.

Beyond these, a blue velvet ring box is a lovely heirloom-quality keepsake to hold your rings.

Groom’s Accessories

Grooms can also stylishly partake in the “something blue” tradition with their attire. A few suggestions include:

  • Tie or Pocket Square: Opt for a blue tie or pocket square to add a splash of color to a traditional suit.
  • Socks: Blue socks are a fun, quirky way to keep with the theme.
  • Cufflinks: Choose cufflinks with blue gems, like sapphires, aquamarines, or opals.

Remember, the key is to wear these blue elements in a way that expresses your personal style and adds to the special sentiment of your wedding day.

Decor and Accents

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Integrating “something blue” into your wedding decor and accents is a beautiful way to honor tradition while infusing your personality into the day. Let’s explore how you can incorporate this into your ceremony and reception, from flowers to signage and cakes.

Ceremony Details

Your wedding ceremony provides a canvas for blue accents to shine through. Consider lining the aisle with arrangements of blue flowers such as hydrangeas or delphiniums for an enchanting effect. A blue bouquet or a wedding bouquet featuring a mix of shades of blue blooms tied with a blue ribbon can also beautifully complement the theme. Think about sky blue, aqua, baby blue, french blue, or powder blue as potential colors for your wedding color scheme.

  • Invitations: Set the tone early by choosing invitations with subtle blue motifs or edges.
  • Seating: Adorn your chairs with light blue sashes to add a touch of elegance.
  • Signage: Direct your guests with attractive signs featuring blue lettering or backgrounds.

Reception Highlights

Your reception is the stage where blue can make a significant impact. Create a breathtaking tablescape with blue centerpieces and table runners that complement your floral arrangements. Reception decor options are limitless, from light blue to navy elements that can create a serene to dramatic atmosphere.

  • Tablescape: Use blue napkins or glassware to add pops of your chosen blue shade.
  • Wedding Cake: A blue wedding cake can serve as an artistic centerpiece and a delicious nod to your theme.
  • Seating: Enhance seating comfort and style with blue cushions or sashes.
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Outfit your bridal party in blue bridesmaid dresses; varying the shades can add depth to your decor.

Remember, these touches of blue serve as both ornamental details and symbolic gestures of love, happiness, and fidelity, making them a cherished part of your wedding tradition.

Memorable Keepsakes

A table adorned with vintage blue trinkets and delicate lace, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and soft floral arrangements

When incorporating ‘something blue’ into your wedding, choosing keepsakes that are both personal and meaningful can add a special touch to your day. These items not only adhere to the charming tradition but also serve as lasting reminders of your love and commitment.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts infused with a hint of blue create endearing keepsakes. Consider a customized ring box with your wedding date inscribed, or a delicate pin to affix to your bouquet. A handkerchief embroidered with your initials in blue thread not only serves a practical purpose but becomes a cherished symbol of your wedding day. For jewelry, a sapphire ring or necklace makes for a striking and sentimental gift that can be worn on the day and treasured forever.

Special Mementos

Special mementos that incorporate blue can become treasured items long after the wedding. Sewing a small piece of blue fabric into the lining of your wedding dress or adding a blue wedding garter adds a personal and hidden element of the tradition. Vow books with blue covers or a sixpence with a blue ribbon tie sentiment and luck to your steps down the aisle. Customize your attire further with blue hair pins, or consider giving a gift that blends the ‘something old, something new’ concept with stickers or embroideries denoting these elements on wedding shoes or flowers.

  • Blue Wedding Dress Label: Stitch inside your gown for a hidden personal detail.
  • Blue Garter: Choose a unique blue wedding garter for tradition with a twist.
  • Vow Books: Select books with blue covers to hold your promises to each other.
  • Flower Embellishments: Attach blue flowers or stickers to add a blue detail to your bouquet or wedding shoes.

Innovative Ideas for Modern Brides

Embrace a refreshingly personal touch to your wedding day with these unique and modern “something blue” ideas that will set your celebration apart.

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Unique Twist on Blue

If you’re hunting for wedding inspiration that’s both creative and intimate, consider a blue engagement ring. Swap out the traditional diamond for a striking sapphire ring or pick from other unique gems like aquamarine, turquoise, or opal. These bold pieces not just symbolize your commitment but also serve as a modern twist on the classic tradition. In addition, infusing jewelry with shades of blue, from earrings to bracelets, can beautifully complement your overall wedding color scheme.

For a subtler pop of blue, blue manicures present a polished look. Paint your nails with a shade that reflects your personality or match it with your blue heels or sandals for an unexpected dash of color. And for your ensemble, consider sewing a small blue dress label inside your gown or attaching a durable blue jacket for an outdoor evening reception.

Creative Ceremony Concepts

Your ceremony is an excellent canvas for blue-themed decor. Line the aisle with blue flowers or use blue sashes on chairs to bring a cohesive touch to your venue. Or, you might drape sequin blue fabric on ceremonial arches for a sparkling effect that catches the light beautifully.

Incorporate an evil eye charm into your bouquet or gown for a protective symbol that also serves as your something blue. Alternatively, imbue your wedding with a signature scent; opt for a fragrance or perfume with blue packaging or notes that evoke the essence of blue botanicals, adding another layer of personal and sensory detail to your special day.

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