Best Places To Get Married In New York: Top Venues for Your Dream Wedding

When planning your wedding, New York City offers an incredible range of unique and stunning venues. Whether you’re dreaming of a chic urban setting, a historical landmark, or a tranquil garden, you’ll find the perfect spot in the city that never sleeps.

A lush Central Park setting with a backdrop of the iconic New York City skyline, framed by blooming cherry blossoms and a serene lake

From classic hotels to trendy lofts, New York has a venue to match every style and vision. As you explore your options, consider the diverse neighborhoods and iconic backdrops available, ensuring your special day is unforgettable and uniquely yours.

1) The Foundry

The Foundry is a charming and historic wedding venue in Queens, New York. It’s a popular choice due to its beautiful industrial-style architecture. This old factory has been transformed into a unique event space.

The venue features both indoor and outdoor areas. The main hall is perfect for ceremonies and receptions, while the courtyard offers a lovely spot for cocktail hours.

Couples love The Foundry for its flexibility and photogenic settings. The venue’s exposed brick walls and lush greenery create stunning backdrops for photos.

Rating: 4.6 (277 reviews)
Location: 42-38 9th St, Queens, NY 11101
Contact: (718) 786-7776
Website: Visit Website

2) Tribeca Rooftop + 360°

Tribeca Rooftop + 360° is one of New York City’s top wedding venues. Opened in 1999, it has gained a reputation for great food, outstanding service, and friendly atmosphere. You can enjoy stunning views of the cityscape and riverside from its two event spaces.

The in-house catering is led by Chef Joseph Jenkins, who has over 40 years of experience in the food industry. Each menu is specially crafted to match the unique needs of your event. The expert staff will handle all the details so you can relax and enjoy your big day.

Tribeca Rooftop + 360° combines sophistication and modern style. With their versatile event spaces, your wedding can be exactly how you envisioned. The team’s commitment to making every event unforgettable ensures your special day will be amazing.

Rating: 4.6 (642 reviews)
Location: 10 Desbrosses St, New York, NY 10013
Contact: (212) 625-2600
Website: Visit Website

3) Midtown Loft & Terrace

Midtown Loft & Terrace is a top pick for weddings in New York City. Located in Midtown Manhattan, this venue offers two unique spaces. The Midtown Loft is a refined indoor area with 5,000 square feet of space that can host up to 300 guests for cocktails or 180 for a seated dinner.

The Midtown Terrace is an open-air rooftop venue. It spans 4,400 square feet and can accommodate up to 150 guests. The Terrace has a retractable enclosed rooftop, making it usable year-round, rain or shine. This ensures your special day can be perfect no matter the weather.

These event spaces are known for their style and quality service. The team at Midtown Loft & Terrace prides itself on attention to detail, ensuring every event is memorable. If you want your wedding to stand out with sophistication, this venue might be the perfect choice.

Rating: 4.8 (425 reviews)
Location: 267 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016
Contact: (212) 537-0117
Website: Visit Website

4) Glasshouse Chelsea

Glasshouse Chelsea offers a stunning venue for your special day. Located in the heart of New York, this modern event space provides beautiful views and flexible room configurations. The high ceilings and cutting-edge production technology ensure that your wedding will be memorable and unique.

The venue boasts exceptional hospitality with a team of professionals ready to assist you in planning your event. They cater to corporate, social, and nonprofit events, making sure every detail is perfect. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Glasshouse Chelsea has the versatility to meet your needs.

Surrounded by the artistic vibe of Chelsea, the venue’s central location makes it easily accessible for guests. The combination of style and convenience makes Glasshouse Chelsea a top choice for couples looking to tie the knot in New York City.

Rating: 4.7 (98 reviews)
Location: 545 W 25 St, New York, NY 10001
Contact: (212) 242-7800
Website: Visit Website

5) Love Chapel NYC

Love Chapel NYC is a charming wedding chapel in Manhattan. It’s located just three blocks from Central Park, making it a great spot for an indoor ceremony followed by beautiful outdoor photos.

Their services are provided by licensed officiants. Fun and unique ceremony options include a photographer, vow renewals, and themed weddings with either Naked Cowboy or Elvis.

They offer packages ranging from quick, one-minute ceremonies to more elaborate events. Prices are affordable, starting at $200 for a brief, legal ceremony to $700 for ceremonies with professional photography.

Rating: 5 (119 reviews)
Location: 939 8th Ave #206, New York, NY 10019
Contact: (917) 532-4030
Website: Visit Website

6) Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey is a gorgeous waterfront venue perfect for your wedding. Located in the Bronx, it offers breathtaking views of Long Island Sound. The stunning scenery makes it an ideal spot for both indoor and outdoor events.

The venue has over 30 years of experience hosting weddings and other celebrations. Marina Del Rey can also handle off-site catering if you have a different location in mind. Their Italian fare is highly praised and sure to impress your guests.

Family-owned and operated, they serve many areas including Westchester County, Queens, Nassau County, Yonkers, and Manhattan. The professional staff is known for delivering excellent service, ensuring your special day is unforgettable.

Rating: 4.7 (1904 reviews)
Location: 1 Marina Dr, Bronx, NY 10465
Contact: (718) 931-6500
Website: Visit Website

7) Manhattan Penthouse

Manhattan Penthouse is a stunning wedding venue located in Union Square. The venue features beautiful Palladian windows that provide panoramic views of New York City, making it an ideal spot for your special day. The loft-like space creates a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

The venue can comfortably accommodate up to 180 guests. It’s not just perfect for weddings, but also corporate functions and other social events. The large space and versatile setting make it adaptable for various occasions.

If you’re looking for a place that combines luxury and a great city view, Manhattan Penthouse should definitely be on your list. With its combination of excellent location and breathtaking scenery, it offers a memorable setting for any event.

Rating: 4.4 (156 reviews)
Location: 80 Fifth Avenue, E 14th St, New York, NY 10011
Contact: (212) 627-8838
Website: Visit Website

8) Summerhouse at the Dene

Summerhouse at the Dene is a charming wedding venue in Central Park. It offers a scenic spot for your special day. The surrounding beauty of the park adds a magical touch to your wedding photos.

The venue is well-loved for its picturesque settings, making it ideal for couples looking for an outdoor ceremony. The natural scenery provides a serene and romantic backdrop, perfect for an intimate celebration.

The staff at Summerhouse at the Dene are known for their helpfulness and dedication to making your wedding day unforgettable. The peaceful atmosphere and stunning location make this venue a top choice for many couples.

Rating: 4.8 (82 reviews)
Location: 860 5th Ave #856, New York, NY 10065
Contact: (212) 310-6600
Website: Visit Website

9) 620 Loft & Garden

620 Loft & Garden offers a stunning rooftop venue in the heart of New York City, perfect for a memorable wedding. This venue features beautiful gardens, a reflecting pool, and an amazing view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s a magical spot for outdoor ceremonies and photo sessions.

You can host a variety of private events at this venue. Its central location makes it easily accessible for guests, and the space can be customized to match your wedding theme. The garden setting provides a romantic and serene atmosphere right in the bustling city.

This venue is part of the famous Rockefeller Center, which adds a historic touch to your special day. With its combination of natural beauty and urban convenience, 620 Loft & Garden is an excellent choice for couples looking to tie the knot in New York City.

Rating: 4.4 (36 reviews)
Location: 620 5th Ave, New York, NY 10020
Contact: (212) 632-5000
Website: Visit Website

10) Perfect Wedding NYC

Perfect Wedding NYC is a top choice for couples looking to elope in New York City. This place offers unique packages that include everything you need for a memorable ceremony. Their services cover professional photography, videography, floral arrangements, live music, and transportation.

The team at Perfect Wedding NYC is dedicated and experienced, ensuring that your big day is as stress-free as possible. They provide multilingual marriage officiants, bridal hair and makeup, and full wedding day coordination. You can trust them to take care of all the details.

This wedding planning studio has earned 100% 5-star reviews. Couples from over sixty-two countries have chosen Perfect Wedding NYC for their special day. Their mission is to make every wedding as perfect as it can be.

Rating: 5 (338 reviews)
Location: 15 W 39th St 10 Floor, New York, NY 10018
Contact: (917) 822-7741
Website: Visit Website

Choosing The Perfect Venue

A beautiful sunset over a picturesque rooftop garden with twinkling lights and a stunning view of the New York City skyline

Discovering the perfect wedding venue in New York City involves balancing a few crucial factors. These include deciding between outdoor and indoor locations, finding a space with the right ambiance, and considering the season for your special day.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Locations

When deciding whether to have an outdoor or indoor wedding, think about what fits your dream setting. Outdoor venues like Central Park offer breathtaking natural scenery and iconic New York City landmarks as backdrops. These venues can provide a unique, romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for ceremonies and photos alike.

Indoor locations, on the other hand, such as grand ballrooms in historic hotels or industrial lofts, provide more control over weather-related elements. They often come with comprehensive wedding packages including décor, catering, and AV equipment, saving you from dealing with multiple vendors.

Pros of Outdoor:

  • Scenic views
  • Natural lighting
  • Unique settings

Pros of Indoor:

  • Weatherproof
  • Inclusive packages
  • More privacy

Your venue choice greatly depends on your vision and practical considerations like guest comfort and logistical ease.

Unique Ambiance and Aesthetic

The ambiance and aesthetic of your venue play a significant role in setting the mood for your wedding. Looking for a luxurious, classic feel? Opt for venues like The Plaza Hotel or Gilded Age mansions, which exude elegance and history. These venues are perfect if you want a timeless backdrop for your nuptials.

Prefer a modern vibe? Consider industrial venues or rooftop spaces with stunning city views. Places like the Rockefeller Center’s Rainbow Room showcase modern sophistication while providing a unique New York skyline experience, perfect for contemporary styles.

Each venue tells its own story, enhancing the overall feel of your celebration. Choose one that aligns with your vision, whether it’s vintage charm or sleek, modern chic.

Seasonal Considerations

The time of year you choose to get married in New York City can impact your venue decision. Spring and fall are popular wedding seasons due to the mild weather and beautiful foliage. Outdoor venues like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are stunning during these seasons but book up quickly due to high demand.

In summer, you have the flexibility of warm weather but need to consider cooling solutions for guests. Winter weddings in indoor venues can be magical, especially with festive décor, but make sure the venue is heated and accessible in case of snow.

By considering seasonal aspects, you can better plan for comfort, décor, and even potential cost variations, making your wedding day as smooth and delightful as possible.

Legal Requirements and Paperwork

The scene depicts a desk with legal documents and a pen, surrounded by images of iconic New York wedding venues like Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge

Getting married in New York requires several steps to ensure everything is legal. You will need a marriage license, an officiant, witnesses, and to be aware of any waiting periods and fees.

Marriage Licenses

To get legally married in New York, you must obtain a marriage license from the Office of the City Clerk. Both parties need to appear in person to apply. You can start the application online, but you must complete it at the clerk’s office. The license is valid for 60 days.

People aged 16-17 need parental consent, while those aged 14-15 must have court approval. Same-sex marriage is legal in New York, so gender doesn’t matter. Remember to bring valid photo ID when applying. There is no blood test required.

Officiants and Witnesses

You need an authorized officiant to perform the ceremony. This can be a registered religious official, judge, or a marriage celebrant licensed by the state. The officiant will handle filing your marriage certificate once the ceremony is complete.

You also need at least one witness who is 18 years or older. The witness must be present during the ceremony and sign the marriage license. It’s important to choose someone who can be there reliably.

Waiting Period and Fees

After you get your marriage license, there’s a 24-hour waiting period before you can marry. This means you can’t have the ceremony the same day you get the license, unless you get a judicial waiver.

The fee for a marriage license is $35 if you apply in person. Payments can usually be made by credit card or money order. Keep these details in mind to plan your wedding schedule and budget accordingly.

Local Traditions and Customs

A colorful street parade with traditional dancers and musicians in front of iconic New York wedding venues

New York weddings are a vibrant mix of cultural influences, popular themes, and unique culinary delights. Here’s what makes NYC weddings stand out.

Cultural Influences

New York City is a melting pot of cultures, and this diversity is reflected in its wedding traditions. You might see a mix of Jewish, Italian, Irish, and many other cultural customs. Breaking the glass in Jewish ceremonies or jumping the broom in African-American weddings are familiar sights. Many couples incorporate traditional dances and music that celebrate their heritage. This makes each wedding unique and a true representation of the couple’s backgrounds.

Popular Wedding Themes

With the city’s iconic skyline and landmarks, NYC couples often choose wedding themes that highlight New York’s charm. Popular themes include vintage 1920s-inspired events, modern, chic loft weddings, and nature-inspired ceremonies in city parks. Venues like the 620 Loft & Garden offer enchanting rooftop settings, while places like the Palm House provide lush green backdrops. Whatever the theme, New York serves as the perfect canvas for a memorable event.

Incorporating Local Cuisine

New York’s diverse food scene plays a significant role in weddings. Couples often feature local favorites like New York-style pizza slices as a late-night snack or bagels and lox for a casual breakfast. High-end options such as gourmet food trucks and chef-crafted tasting menus are also popular. Don’t forget the classic NYC cheesecake or cronuts for dessert. Incorporating local cuisine into your wedding will give guests a true taste of the city.

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