Purple and Green Wedding Ideas: Chic Color Schemes for Your Special Day

Infusing your wedding with a combination of purple and green presents an opportunity for a celebration that is both vibrant and elegant. The lush contrast between the regality of purple and the freshness of green can set the stage for a wedding celebration that’s both traditional and modern. Whether you’re aiming for the soft romance of lavender and sage or the richness of deep violet and emerald, this color palette offers versatile options for every aspect of your special day.

A purple and green floral arch frames a wedding altar, with matching bouquets and table centerpieces. The color scheme is carried through in the decorations and attire, creating a cohesive and elegant atmosphere

Selecting the right shades and implementing them with style can transform your venue into a picturesque backdrop that complements this unique color theme. From your invitations to attire, and from the floral arrangements to the ambient lighting, each element can harmonize to create a cohesive and stunning wedding experience. By carefully planning and styling these elements, you commit to a wedding that reflects your taste and personality – one where guests feel enveloped in the warmth and beauty of your chosen colors.

Key Takeaways

  • Incorporate a mix of purple and green for an elegant and vibrant wedding theme.
  • Choose shades that reflect your personal style and the mood of your celebration.
  • Harmonize the theme throughout all aspects of your wedding for a cohesive look.

Setting the Scene

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When envisioning your perfect wedding day, the setting lays the groundwork for an unforgettable experience. It’s all about choosing a location that embodies the elegance and charm of your purple and green theme.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

Outdoor Wedding
For a garden wedding that brings your purple and green palette to life, consider venues with lush backdrops. Think of places with natural greenery like botanical gardens or parks, where the inherent beauty enhances the sage green element of your decor. When paired with accents of purple, from lavender to deep violet, the setting becomes a vibrant canvas that celebrates your union.

Elegant Wedding Venues
Should you prefer an indoor setting that exudes sophistication, seek out banquet halls or reception spaces that allow for the incorporation of purple and green decorations. Venues with neutral colors or natural wooden accents provide a versatile environment that can be styled to fit an elegant wedding vision. Crystal chandeliers, white linens, and flickering candles can then complement table settings and floral arrangements highlighting your chosen hues.

Inviting in Style

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Your wedding invitations are more than just a way to announce your special day; they’re a sneak peek into your wedding’s theme and style. For a green and purple wedding, the invitation suite sets the stage for what guests can expect at your celebration.

Crafting Your Invitations

When you’re creating your wedding invitations, imagine the first impression you want to make. Your stationery should reflect the elegance of your theme with a palette of purple and green. Consider using rich purples like amethyst or plum and vibrant greens such as emerald or sage to imbue a sense of sophistication and vitality.

Select a high-quality paper that feels luxurious to the touch—a tangible promise of the memorable event to come. Add personal touches, like a custom monogram or a watercolor wash, that showcase both your personalities.

Incorporating arrangements of purple and green florals into your invitation design can tie in the natural elements of your theme. Think sprigs of lavender or green ferns as part of the graphics.

Listing key details is crucial: location, date, and attire, styled elegantly amongst your design elements. Organize the information clearly so your guests can easily find everything they need to know.

Lastly, think outside the box for a unique delivery method; perhaps a lavender scented invitation or one adorned with a dried flower that will bring a touch of your theme right to their doorstep.

Remember, your invitations offer a glimpse into the day when you and your partner will celebrate your union, so let it resonate with the love and thoughtfulness you’ve put into your wedding’s details.

Dressing Up

A lavish purple and green wedding theme with elegant floral centerpieces, flowing fabric drapes, and ornate table settings

When planning your ensemble for a purple and green themed wedding, consider the harmony between elegance and vibrancy. A careful selection of shades can complement the overarching theme of your special day.

Bridal Attire

Your wedding dress serves as the centerpiece of your wedding’s fashion statement. For a subtle incorporation of the theme, think about adding a sash or detailing in a shade of lilac or a light green. If you’re feeling adventurous, a floral pattern with purple and green accents can make a bold yet elegant statement.

  • Options:
    • Traditional white dress with purple and green accents
    • Floral-patterned gown with thematic hues

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids Fashion


For the groomsmen, emerald green ties or boutonnieres can introduce a pop of color that is both sophisticated and fitting for the occasion. Classic suits with this color combination will stand out beautifully in photos.

  • Tie Options:
    1. Emerald green
    2. Deep purple


Your bridesmaids can don emerald green bridesmaid dresses that will beautifully complement the natural landscape of an outdoor venue. Alternatively, a gradient of purple to green shades among the bridesmaid dresses can create a delightful ombré effect.

  • Dress Choices:
    • Solid emerald green
    • Gradient of purples and greens

The Palette of Elegance

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The fusion of purple and green in your wedding creates a harmonious blend that exudes both luxury and vitality. Picking the right shades of purple alongside vibrant emerald green can transform your special day into a regal and lively celebration.

Decorating with Colors

When you envision your purple and green wedding, consider the dynamic color combinations these hues offer. Your color palette can vary from the deepest shades of purple, such as plum or violet, to more subdued tones like lavender, matched with the richness of emerald green.

  • Table Settings: Embellish tables with purple tablecloths and emerald green centerpieces. Use the colors in napkins, runners, or charger plates for a cohesive look.
  • Floral Arrangements: Blend purple flowers like hydrangeas and lilacs with green foliage to create natural, eye-catching displays.

Incorporating these color combinations into aspects like your invitations, decor, and attire seamlessly weaves the palette throughout your entire wedding experience. Your purple and green wedding color choices will deliver a message of sophistication and natural elegance.

Celebratory Details

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When it comes to your special day, the celebratory details like table settings and desserts set the mood and create a memorable atmosphere for you and your guests.

Table Settings and Centerpieces

Your table settings are the canvas for the meal’s festivities. Start with linens that match your theme; soft lilac or sage green tablecloths can add a subtle splash of your wedding colors. Next, consider the centerpieces to be the focal point of your tables. Arrangements of purple flowers such as hydrangeas coupled with lush greenery can create an eye-catching display. Don’t forget to coordinate your napkins—a deep plum or emerald tone will complement the setting elegantly.

Wedding Cake and Desserts

Your wedding cake isn’t just dessert; it’s a statement piece reflective of your taste and style. A white cake accented with purple and green can make for a visually stunning centerpiece at your dessert table. Adorning your cake with purple flowers or hints of greenery can elegantly tie your theme together. For a playful and delicious twist, offer macarons in a variety of shades, from lavender to mint, as a sweet treat for your guests.

The Romantic Atmosphere

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Creating a romantic atmosphere for your purple and green themed wedding hinges on the strategic use of lighting and floral arrangements. These elements work in harmony to set a mood that’s both enchanted and intimate.

Lighting and Floral Arrangements

When thinking of lighting, imagine the warm glow of candles creating a soft ambience that complements the twilight. Adding to this are fairy lights that twinkle like distant stars, draped over branches or lining the aisle.

For a touch of whimsy, paper lanterns in shades of purple can be hung at varying heights, casting a gentle illumination over your venue. This magical setup not only brings warmth but also accentuates the colors of your floral decor.

Floral arrangements are a cornerstone of your romantic setting. Consider bouquets and centerpieces with a blend of purple and green hues to resonate with the wedding theme. Succulents can introduce a fresh, modern feel, while classic flowers like roses and orchids add a luxurious touch.

Incorporating greenery such as eucalyptus, ferns, olive branches, and ivy lends a natural elegance and enhances the floral accents. These elements should weave throughout your space, connecting each area of the wedding with a continuous thread of romance and beauty.

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